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Steve Dalachinsky
door 3
 i nod not
like asleep
but as a
turn &
like hand





A new website/webzine created and edited by Dan Waber, Minimalist Concrete Poetry is quickly becoming one of the most popular sources for contemporary minimalist vispo.  Superbly designed and brimming with information (including minimalist-friendly publishers, blog links, submission calls, relevant publications, etc.), Waber has put together an admirably cutting edge publication.  Updated every couple of weeks, each new post is dedicated to the work of a single minimalist vispoet...




Dirt: What does your recent work look like?  Are you moving in new directions or continuing to refine your characteristic styles?


Andrew Russ: Lately i've been refining characteristic styles.  The recent works that have been shown are several poems that have been displayed as framed pictures at annual shows at paloin biloid's NeopolisTM gallery in Cleveland.  In fact the third one of these opens Friday October 28, 2005 and will be up for the next month.  The other major work of late is a book entitled )(, which is all typed up on my Royal portable typewriter.  It started out as a fairly deliberate homage to Aram Saroyan...