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"To the illumined man or woman,

a clod of dirt, a stone, and gold

are the same." --Bhagavad Gita

Currently accepting submissions.
Dirt is an irregularly published
newsletter/'zine of ultra-simple,
minimalist poetry and poetics.
Contributions should be no more
than a few short lines -- at most.
Please e-mail all submissions to
dirt_zine AT yahoo DOT com. We prefer
to show work which has previously
been unpublished or which has
appeared on a limited basis (blogs,
school journals, so on & so forth).
We welcome visual pieces.
However, contributors are asked
to keep in mind the 'zine's space
restraints and its lo-fi nature
before submitting art & vispo. 
Dirt is distributed via snail mail.
If you would like to receive a copy,
send proper contact information to
the e-mail address provided above.
Subscription to Dirt is free of
charge, though (small) donations
are readily accepted to help cover
postage & printing costs.

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